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If you are having problems with Identity Theft, or if you are interested in how to protect yourself from criminals, we have written an Informational Brochure with the information we have learned over the past four years.  This information cost us thousands of dollars to acquire.  Don’t pay for it the hard way like we did!

Included in our brochure are:

  • Where to go to get credit information.
  • How to dispute bad items in your credit report.
  • How to “opt out” on your credit reports.
  • How to recognize identity theft crimes.
  • Who to report to when you have been a victim of identity theft.
  • New laws that make identity theft a federal and state crime.
  • And much more …

You can order our Information Brochure one of two ways:  In electronic or paper version.  Both editions cost only US$5.00 for a 22 page booklet that tells you everything you need to know about Identity Theft.  If you order the paper version there is also a US$1.50 charge for shipping and handling.

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