Get a better type of Bank Account

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The trouble with most bank accounts is that they make it too easy to go overdrawn and end up owing money you don't have.

That's why one of our most popular financial products is the Secure Trust prepaid current account. What's really clever about it is that you leave enough money in the account to cover all of your Direct Debits and Standing Orders, and transfer the rest to a Mastercard® prepaid card.

Then you can use this card just about everywhere that display the Mastercard Logo, including Cash Machines, with the added bonus that it won't allow you to go overdrawn. So what are you waiting for? With no credit checks or hidden charges, this is the bank account you've been waiting for.

We can even make it easy to switch from another bank account. Enquire today.

Features of the Secure Trust Prepaid Current Account

Telephone Banking To make life as easy as possible, the Secure Trust Prepaid Current Account offers you Telephone Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to let you manage your account whenever you like. Ring for account information, balance enquiries or to set up or cancel standing orders and direct debits. You can even make one off bill payments/electronic transfers and arrange bankers drafts. Just call on 08451 117 117.  
Online Banking You can use the Internet Banking Service to view your card balances, set up standing orders and direct debits, make one off transfers to other accounts, 24 hours a day 7 days a week at  
Branch Banking You can deposit cash or cheques using your prepaid paying in slips free of charge at any of the Barclay branch.
Cash Machines (ATM) You can use your MasterCard® prepaid card in 28.5 million outlets worldwide. You can also use it at any ATM machines that display the Mastercard logo, in the UK or abroad .

Frequently Asked Questions

My credit history isn’t perfect. Do I qualify for the Secure Trust Current Account.
We don’t carry out any credit checks to allow you to open a Secure Trust Current Account. We just have to check your identity, because that’s the law.
How long will it take to set up my account?
Once you have provided all the information we need, your account can be operational in just 10 days.
How do I transfer money to my Mastercard® Prepaid Card?
Just tell us how much of your monthly disposable income you’d like to be able to spend and we’ll transfer that to your card as soon as your salary is paid in. But if you need to add more, you can do so at any time just by phoning us.
Will I be charged if I go overdrawn?
No, the clever thing about this account is that it stops you from going overdrawn, so you never have to worry about unexpected charges.
Is this just another account with an electronic account attached?
Absolutely not. Your account is provided by a licensed and regulated bank.
Can I set up Direct debits and Standing Orders?
Absolutely. These can both be set up on your current account.
Can I write cheques?
While this isn’t a cheque account with a cheque book, you can still ask us to raise a cheque in your name from your account that is similar to a Bankers Draft. Details of costs for the issue of a cheque are detailed in our Scale of Charges.
What if I ever want to close my account?
This couldn’t be easier. Just notify us in writing of your wishes, and we will set the wheels in motion right away, and shortly after send you a cheque for the full amount of your balance minus a standard £2.50 charge for raising the cheque.
How do I pay money into my account?
Simply give your new Sort Code and Account Number to your employer and ask them to pay your salary into your account, or, if you are paid by cheque or cash, pay them in at any Barclays branch using one of the pay-in slips you will receive with your Welcome Pack.
Will My Bank Card be Chip and PIN-protected.
Naturally. This is the modern way to protect your money, so we ensure that your card will have full chip and PIN protection.
Can I use my new Card anywhere?
Your new card will carry the MasterCard® logo, which is accepted almost everywhere. Just look for the logo at ATMs and Retail outlets.